The Client Connector Affiliate API

Expand your business capabilities with The Client Connector's Affiliate API. Our API specializes in ping/post methods, enabling affiliates to generate and capture live call leads across various home service industries effectively.

Benefits of Joining Our Affiliate Program

  • Access to a wide range of home service industries
  • Real-time lead generation with ping/post methods
  • Competitive commission structures
  • Support and resources for affiliates

For a full list of supported industries, visit our home service industries page.

How It Works

Our Affiliate API is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Affiliates send lead information via ping, and if accepted, post the lead details to secure high-quality, live call leads. This seamless process ensures that you're always connected to potential clients in real time.

Get Started

Become a part of our affiliate network and start leveraging your business today. Sign up through the link below:

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